Sunday, 1 March 2015

Herd Mentality Autonomous Denialism

This is one of those times when the realist comes out of me, I am an Aspie, let’s face it, I am an “Alien to the Ignorant” <-- we’ll come back to that later. 

I want to offer a perspective within perspectives in the following scenarios to address how easy society is to be intrinsically enveloped into habitual behaviours that even the persons within said society can’t answer as to why they behave in this manner which creates a huge barrier to acceptance, originality or perspective.

So, here are three scenarios of which within only two words will reverse the entire outlook of the moment...

Scenario 1

Think of your best friend, male or female, they’re going to be accosted, attacked, kidnapped and subject to unbelievable physical torture, experimentation and then they are going to be sexually interfered with and possibly raped. To that end they will be subject to drug abuse to paralyse and cause psychedelic confusion if not complete memory loss. Your friend calls you in total distress, they are having nightmares, flash backs and have scars they can’t explain; but you just laughed at them, I mean come on, isn’t this just utterly hilarious, their pain, their torture, their suffering is so profoundly funny because this is a scenario of, (two words), alien abduction – suddenly kidnap, torture and rape is funny!

Scenario 2

Their child is on life support and on the brink of death, this virus is invasive and caused a horrific rash and multiple organ failures throughout the body as doctors take his/her temperature, open up manuals and try in utter desperation as the virus pervades into the spinal column and eventually the brain causing almost certain death if not irreversible brain damage from the measles pathogen that has overcome his/her tiny body but hey, the parents are so relieved, so absolute in their decisions to let their little one go through this as god forbid, autism could have been the risk, as after all they were (two words) anti-vaxxers!

Scenario 3

“Phew!” Thought the equal opportunities employer, he cracks his/her knuckles and leans back in his/her leather executive office chair, the last candidate is long since gone and by word he/she would have been perfect for the job, dedicated, loyal, well researched and qualified, several years experience and with the outside of the box thinking the company was looking for; I mean come one, the boss could never have employed such a person, never in a million years, come on, they admitted to having, (two words) Asperger Syndrome!

Now whether or not one’s eyes are rolling at the sincere inference of the above being some left wing lecture in equality and acceptance remains a debate only you can solve, but the point to all the above is simply this...

That Neurotypical herd mentality has a unique self defeating contradictory behavioural trait, where within you champion the one who says “fuck the establishment” you congratulate the one who speaks of uniqueness, you hold in mental high regard the one who speaks of equality and you worship the idealism the thought of individualism...
But yet, god forbid I, as an Aspie, be the individual you claim to adore because the raw truth remains, that you are terrified of the very thing you pretend to respect the most.  

The moment you are presented with the absolute exterior perspective, behaviour or conditioning outside of what you understand then immediate ridicule, bullying and destruction ensues in whatever format that may be fathomed. 

Is it little wonder so many Autistics and Aspergians are bullied at school, fail at job interviews and seldom make close friends? Before one can embrace equality one must rid themselves of all interior perspectives to a complete inner absolution of neutrality, only then can you truly practice what you preach and only then can the thinker external of the box be seen for the qualities that they possess.

We the Autistics and Aspergians are not the failure, you are, via your Neurotypical herd mentality autonomous denialism!

Only in recent days, a group of football hooligans rejected a black man from entering the train and started singing,

“We’re racist, we’re racist and that’s the way we like it!”

Now, I watched that video on Sky News (yes I am well aware of the inaccuracy for the validity of news stories from Sky News) the train load of yobs were singing along and when I saw their faces the grey matter most certainly was not active as they barrr, barrrr, barrrr, like a bunch of sheep in a pen where they belong; BUT don’t forget the back guy – he was noticed when on camera he became a victim of injustice, prejudice and racism.

We, the Aspies, are invisible from your perspectives, so the next time someone seems to speak clichés as if they are true, the one who talks with an external perspective, the one who seems to have the answers correct but spoken in a manner  that is not instantly cordial to the common normality well, you may just have an Aspie on your hands, which means with just a little understand could be the best implementation to your company, cause or function.

Now tell me, do you truly worship individuality? Stop fearing the individual and embrace what you preach!

Now, I mentioned “Alien to the Ignorant” <--- Back at the top!!

It was a title to a poem my partner of some five and a half years post date of this blog has been with me, it hasn’t been easy, there’s been plenty of ups and downs but no divorce, but Denise “Little Pixie” Ryan, an award winning poet wrote a poem especially for me and it is as follows...

Alien to the Ignorant

You are the furthest star
opulent in the universe -
no spaceship could ever
possibly reach,
but I succeeded in the journey
I believe in what you teach.

Love, soaked in purity,
integrity in your persuasion
require not physics or
mathematical equations.
A galaxy on earth, such
human endeavour
emotionally formed, poetically

Neither space nor time, just
this moment forever.
My cosmic soul – an
astronomers treasure.

By Denise Ryan

If Denise can get it right, what the hell is your excuse?

Thank you for reading.


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