Sunday, 18 January 2015

Freedom of Expression or Kicking the Hornet’s Nest?

Unless of course one has been living in a medically induced coma, we all know the events that transpired in Paris most recently in the last few weeks. The world reacted accordingly with cries of condemnation with 1.7 million people marching in solidarity alongside the French and quite rightly so!

Since then there has been the inevitable yawn laden speeches by numerous world leaders, terrorist experts, media reps and varying other archetypes lending their opinions and two cents to the debacle unfolding before us.

Throughout these moments I began to speculate as to what exactly this is really in aid of; firstly of course I must stress that I too do not condone violence in any form unless of course it is in the parameters of legitimate self defence; however, whilst it may also be note worthy to point out, there was no necessary cause to attack civilians over what was simply a joke, or more specifically a cartoon, but, whilst it is one thing to say one does not condone violence, it is quite another to blame the behaviour of hornets when they sting you, for you having kicked their nest, knowing full well how they will react in the first place.

What do I mean by that? Well, it’s pretty simple, what we are observing here is the West kicking the hornet’s nest of the East and then the West blaming the hornets of the East for retaliating and stinging the West.  Terrorism and Islamic extremism is heralded by persons that are quite frankly a different form of human wildlife; BUT a form of human wildlife that through varying methods of criminal activities are utterly loaded with endless monetary funds, have access to lethal weaponry and are able to educate themselves with the required expertise to utilise said weapons in broad daylight with military precision, in this case, with the armaments of two machine guns, an RPG launcher, knives and pistols. Hmm, yay international security!

These people can also radicalise our teenage sons and daughters via a well known social media platform called Twitter, so much so, that they end up jumping on flights to the Middle East and next thing the parents know is that their now radicalised sons & daughters are on TV chanting “Death to the West” and/or “Allahu Akbar” (means Allah is awesome - in case you were wondering!).

They also rose up, unexpectedly so, in Iraq and Afghanistan, now called IS (Islamic State) which is pretty much Al Qaeda version 2 and have cemented themselves as one of the most feared terrorist organisations ever to come out of the Middle East since the Hezbollah.

And to top it off, these new forms of human wildlife love nothing more than to kick off about something and do so in the form of murderous activities; be that of detonating bombs, murdering civilians or beheading soldiers in the street (Lee Rigby).

So cometh to the question, are these the forms of human wildlife that we really want to be antagonising, especially when we all know full well what form that reaction to said antagonism will be delivered? In the name of Freedom of Expression apparently, the answer; is YES!

Now, before you leap up on an accusatory soap box and defile me with the charge of being a terrorist sympathiser (by the way I am not) let me tell you a story to which you will hopefully see how silly you are...

One day a snake climbed up a tree and got hopelessly stuck, soon after a human comes walking by and notices the snake,
“Help me down I am stuck.” Said the snake.
“Not a chance,” replied the human, “I know what you’ll do, you’ll bite me and I will die.”
The snake pondered this for a moment and said,
“I solemnly swear I will not bite you, please help down from this tree.”
The human still not convinced repeated the concern, to that again the snake countered by making the same promise, some time passes and eventually the human gives in and helps the snake down.
But not two feet from the ground the snake whips around lunging at the human, taking aim and landing an agonising bite injecting its poison; in the human’s dying breaths,
“I helped you; you promised you wouldn’t bite me.”
To which the snake replied...
“You knew what I was well before you decided to help me!”
To that, the snake slithered away and the human slowly died.

The moral of the story in this modern era is this, we are the ones kicking the hornet’s nest and giving rise to the snake to behave as it does then point accusatory fingers back at the aggressor, quite rightly so as their actions are abhorrent, but, we have to ask ourselves, how many more innocent lives have to be lost? NOT just because we believe in a different faith, but because we on this occasion deliberately antagonised the aggressor. That is the truth and it cannot be avoided.

It can be argued that these Terrorists would kill for any cause, yes that is true, but why should we risk more lives by handing them even more reasons?

It is not my aim to appear to be leaping up on the high horse of morality to win an argument but I personally count myself lucky to live in a society where I can blaspheme, insult my country’s premier or call a religious salesperson an asshole for aggravating my hangover on a Sunday morning, but if I come rolling out from the happy nightclub of life, drunk and high on the liberty but see a guy clearly angry and swearing at the world the last thing I would do is wind him up to the extent he/she enacts violence against me because in all realistic acknowledgements, I started it!

Yes indeed the terrorist actions in Paris were wholly out of proportion, I don’t need the brains of an archbishop to work that one out, but, we know what terrorists do, we know what they think, how they think it and how they act out those thoughts; for me the answer is quiet clear, kick the hornet’s nest, get stung, end of discussion.

Thank you for reading.


  1. Very well written. I agree with everything you suggest. Don't poke the bear. Good job.