Sunday, 1 June 2014

No Longer British (And Will Never Be American Either)

For many, many, years, I was proud to be British, I was proud of the flag, proud of the standard of politics, proud of the lifestyle, proud the pinnacle reputation and proud even of our heritage, well, that was until a few years ago when this glorious internet reached a stage of unparalleled exposed fruition.

I was once the asshole who believed in the Gulf war, thought the conflict in Iraq was justified and led to believe that the IRA were simply fanatical terrorists; I realised as of recent years that my eyes were British, which is a liquorice way of saying, blinded; blinded by the media, blinded by an British “education” and blinded by politics.

When I arrived in Ireland I was told to keep my mouth shut about my opinions and through the stress of mental health and alcohol reliance I never really asked why as I was wholly consumed in my own stress I had little time to worry about others.  This was at least true up until approximately five years ago when I met my current partner to who was willing to educate me and inform of the real truth of Ireland and the British. Upon further research I discovered how wrong I had been and how misled I had become since I was a boy, venturing through the innocence of schooling at an age where you would believe anything and so here I realised what a troop of lies I had been told.

When I saw the documented horror of the 1972, January 30th massacre of innocent Catholic protestors calling for civil rights and recognition in Free Derry upon the Bogside, when the Para-Troopers of the British Armed Forces illegally opened fire upon unarmed and innocence persons killing 13 people and injuring tens of others I realised how much I had never known, then thereafter the lies of the Widgery report and the subsequent uprising of the Provision IRA which caused the bombings of Belfast and the most violent retaliation since 1969, 1971 and 1972! (Research this yourself).

Since 1921 after the Easter Risings of 1916, Britain just couldn’t let Ireland go and so led to the constant and continued discrimination of Catholics in the North, especially the burning down of their homes by the ruthless viciousness of the Protestants and the Unionists as well as the discrimination in the workplace, some 75% of the population were Catholic and 80% of that population were unemployed during the 1970’s which extended onward into the 1980’s as they were disallowed work.

So when I was told in school by my lying idiot headmaster that the IRA was not a real army and just a bunch of fanatical terrorists I believed him.  And it wasn’t until I arrived in Ireland I’d never known of the Maze Prisoners and the persecution of Bobby Sands (Rest his soul) as well as the others who thought the demand to be recognised as political prisoners was not too much to ask for, Margaret Thatcher allowed those men and others to starve to death via a hunger strike...

So here now the screaming argument you would preach is to ask why my head is the past, it isn’t, Britain’s constant destruction of humanity throughout the world as well as America came again in the form of the illegal invasion of Iraq, if this wasn’t even enough the USA and Britain colluded upon the “Shock and Awe” campaign of murdering innocent civilians in the Middle East; but it gets worse, as if illegal wars weren’t enough (The US have been in conflict constantly with another country in the world continually since 1950) they used a new form of weapon, Depleted Uranium, which has contaminated Iraq, Kosovo, Serbia and Afghanistan.

And if this wasn’t bad enough in the modern world, it’s clear the developed nations never learnt from the past either...

And yet I notice something, any country, any person, any other militarys' actions that stands against the US or British’s tyranny is branded, wait for it....


British and American politics have created Terrorism for themselves, their tyranny, their lies, their collusion and their bloodshed throughout the decades has created for themselves a world of violence, retribution and hated of the West. 

It’s little wonder why Putin laughs in the face of the hypocrisy of the US/UK collaborations when Russia claims Crimea and the western world point’s fingers.  Prince Charles says Putin is “Hitler”; maybe you should look at your own country first ole Charlie boy.  The truth be told, no one is allowed an opinion against these two “great” nations without being branded a traitor or a terrorist. 

Bush: "Either you're with us or you're with the terrorists."

So beyond America’s Hollywood hills of whining over paid celebrities, gun crimes, their Nazi-feminism and capital punishment; beyond Britain’s pomp and ceremony inclusive of the day the Queen, Elizabeth 2nd decorated the officers who ordered the killing of innocent civilians in Northern Ireland and continues to decorate soldiers who were sent to kill innocents all over the world; but oh wait, apparently I am a traitor to criticise my nations military in a time of war; well, to that I say this, had I known better, had I known more, had I been older, I would have gladly sympathised with the IRA. 

Had I been that father of a child born deformed in the Middle East with my home destroyed by illegal US and British forces I would have taken up arms against you; there is so much more I could say, but already I am a traitor and proud of it, already I am probably a terrorist and proud of it; already I am hated by the self righteous elite of the monetary prosperity helm and I am proud of it, proud of it as I a better person that political tyranny and hypocrisy.

Now I know that every country has its problems, nowhere is perfect; India and Pakistan have an appalling record for violence against women; America has a gun control issue; Syria is embroiled in civil war; Russia has a drugs problem (Google “Krokodil”); Britain has an immigration issue and Ireland is still reeling from the recession and accounts of atrocities committed by the Catholic church and not to mention the Magdalene Laundries; China has a bogging human rights record (whom the rest of the world went cap in hand to); oh it goes on and on and on...

BUT: to my former leaders of the country of Britain I can only say this, your politicians lied to me, your media lied to me, your education institutes lied to me, YOU lied to me and you have made me ashamed to be British.

Thank you for reading.


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