Sunday, 30 March 2014

A Brave New World of Autism pt. 1

It will probably come as no surprise I am writing this new post; as after all I am an Aspie, I am on the Autistic Spectrum (best club in the world) and I only found out 2 years ago, I am now 35. There are an awful lot of blogs and websites promoting knowledge of Autism, the spectrum and Aspergers, we need more, we need to ram Autism down the throats of society; I say push harder and I will explain why later.

In the meantime I am called to silence a couple of “critics” one of which made an accursed accusation of forgery on my part in relation to my condition (yes that’s condition not disorder) so below is a scanned copy of Professor Michael Fitzgerald’s expert diagnosis...

"I cannot emphasize enough the importance of a good teacher." - Temple Grandin

This post is part one of what may be a possible two to three part series of posts all about Autism, Aspergers, my perspectives, the fears, the positives and all in between, inside and out, shake it all about.

OK, now as I was saying, why the push for knowledge, awareness, social integration and initiation? Quite simply, because ignorance breathes a climate of paranoia, fear and disrespect when ill of the necessary learning to comprehend what it is you’re needlessly afraid of. This is very apparent in the world of Autism, today even though there are approximately 105 million people in the world with Autism, relative to all forms, genders and population ratio of 7 billion people according to...

To be honest with you, I believe that figure to be too low, I think personally it should be much higher but as we improve diagnosing techniques I am in the belief it will most certainly rise.  But cometh what may the fact remains there are a lot of us in the world and I believe steadily, slowly & surely the playing field if it were, is being recognised with Autists and Aspies well populated within it. 

The problem I have with so much of these diagnosis’s is that I think there now exists a preference to try and find a single source cause for Autism, I have heard one theory after another, that it’s caused by mercury poisoning, vaccines and only recently I read a piece in the Daily Mail a couple of days ago to say that it’s pollution that’s causing it; personally I think it is a clumsy science that attributes so many untested hypothesis’s to an apparent learning difficulty then slap the causation on the person concerned purely to assume that must be the reason why. I think it breathes a frustrated discontent within the world of science and creates a further misconception toward the Autistic person concerned furthering the ambiguity of their condition and place in society.  If those who are Autistic, Aspergian, PDD NOS or otherwise, they are hardly going to flourish in a world of, ifs, buts, maybes, possibly yes, might be no and upside down to the left of right. 

It’s quite incredible to think that with the right mindset of those who care, love and accompany the one's on the spectrum, they very quickly come to the realisation that when the road ahead for the Autist is displayed clearly the mileage is of little concern in preference to the journey and ultimate outcome.  It is one thing I used to repeatedly say to employers or friends...

“I need not much of the technical manual, just show me the direction so I can clearly see the path and so I can be left alone to walk it myself.” - VisionGhost

For example; I used to work in telesales, thank fully not any more, however, all I would ever need is the product/service description, my leads, my phone, computer and a basic script, and then I was away. It was noted in a staff review that I was never needing much in the way of supervision or instruction, the rest I could figure out myself; so why didn’t I excel in the corporate world, probably because I too damn good at being at the bottom.

 “Who do you think made the first stone spears? The Asperger guy. If you were to get rid of all the autism genetics, there would be no more Silicon Valley." - Temple Grandin

Now, as mentioned earlier I said we need to be ramming the truth of Autism down the throats of society and I promised to explain why, which neatly brings me to the causation of such paranoia and misinformation by the infamous so called “awareness” giant, Autism Speaks.

Founded in February 2005 by Bob & Suzanne Wright, Autism Speaks has grown to be a formidable force in the world by utilising paranoia, fear mongering and misinformation so much so that this bunch have actually convinced people that Autism is a curable disease, first caused by mercury, then it was vaccines, then it is pollution and now I await to hear the next rhetoric line from the BS department.

But, people are listening to them, including governments, scientists, doctors and other high profile persons who blindly follow such sentiments under the banner of “Combating Autism” and finding a cure inclusive of a video dictating that autism will tear your family infrastructure apart, wreck your marriage, etc, etc...

So how are Bobby & Suzie so successful at selling a lie for millions of dollars?
See below a simple diagraphic I designed, you can see it demonstrates population vs intellectual ability and where to sell the lie en mass. 

By the way I have brown eyes, stand 5 foot 9 inches tall and I am a respectable 52 years old. Actually that is utter crap, but if you knew not of the truth we tend to be hardwired to assume (unless you have some form of a suspicious disposition) that what are being told is ultimately true and Autism Speaks knows this.
It is the same methodology as utilised by none other than, religion, a manner of which you make fictitious and exaggerated hypothesis’s but never actually prove any of it is true or provide anything in the way of grounded scientific.

So all they need to do now is re-invent the “truth” by telling a different lie and back it up with pseudoscience to keep peoples’ interest alive and once you have that in sufficient a number of believers then you have successfully sold a lie en mass.

Certainly the truth can only come from the Autism/Asperger folk themselves and of course, Autism Speaks has NO ONE of that condition within their board room, ranks or anywhere else within their company. I wonder why?

It is so surprising how little it takes to debunk a pseudoscience paranoia misinformation campaign, for example...

“Autism is caused by vaccines” - Err no, because Autism has been found to start in the womb of which the unborn child hasn’t been exposed to vaccines as of yet.

“Autism is caused by mercury” - Err no, because how on Earth did 105 million people get exposed to high enough levels of mercury to manipulate their psychology and neurological design.

“Autism is a disease” - Err no, Autism is a genetic neurological condition, in layman’s terms, simply wired differently in the brain.

“Autism can be cured” - Err no, because if it is a genetic neurological condition starting in the womb then how do you propose to suddenly manufacture a special pill or drug that can magically re-wire an entire brain’s neurological pathways in an unborn child of which it’s DNA cannot be accurately distinguished until birth of which then Autism is already present?   And if you were to suggest psycho-active drugs once Autism has been diagnosed, oh wait hang on, over 105 million people on psycho-active drugs? Get real!

The only reason the human species has survived for so long against so much is due to the fact we are as a race ultimately diversive and it is that diversity that allows us to invent, create and research science in so many differing faculties and so thus without Autism and Asperger Syndrome we simply would be creating a race of people without neurological diversity and resulting in a population bland, un-inventive and ultimately in causation of their own downfall.

Autism isn’t a disease, ignorance is! The cure is truth & knowledge, not aggravating the disease with misinformation and lies for profit and power.

And if this wasn’t enough, Autism Speaks is affiliated with a place called, The Judge Rotenburg Center, who are responsible for carrying out this...

(Warning – link leads to a video some viewers may find disturbing from the start)

A further insight to this can be found here...

So after all,maybe in April we should, err, light it up blue?...

Ladies & gentleman the bottom line simply is this, we need Autism, we need Asperger Syndrome, we are many and more are on the way, we are not diseased, we are simply perceptively different socially, academically and neurologically, now, come on, please, just exactly what the hell is wrong with that?
Thank you for reading.



  1. Great post! I know just how you feel! And yes! Lets light it up blue in April! Haha!

    -Lydia :)

  2. More power to your arm and volume to your voice!