Friday, 13 December 2013

Hard Worker vs The Spoiled

I am 34 years old, have 12 years sales experience, live in relatively comfortable surrounds, am I in a stable relationship and can just about get by; however, it wasn’t always this way. I didn’t have the upbringing most people would deem as orthodox, I never made it at college, didn’t go on to university or get a degree and my home life was hellish, with undiagnosed Aspergers’ plus depression and a dependence on alcohol to get by just to rub it in somewhat.

My parents, whom I am no longer in contact with (good) were less than sympathetic to my plight but somehow I bumbled on through life drifting from job to job but always getting by, surviving, this survival that has taught me a massive number of even bigger lessons in life to the extent I believe my mindset to be that of a degree of wisdom that money for education just can’t buy.

So how come I’m not a Managing Director of some multi-national conglomerate firm? Why do I not drive around in a top of the range Lexus or BMW? Why do I not live in the house with 2 bathrooms, 6 bedrooms and a crystal chandelier in every room?
Why do the ones who are 15 years young than me destined to have all the above, in about ten years from now who never ever lived through what I did?

The answer to that last question lies in the mindset of the modern way of industry, that it seemingly is a vision of the future that the Millennial Generation Y vs X widens the gap between us ever more; that if you developed within a very fortunate environment, had lots of money, education was paid for and supported unerringly, degree under the belt via unparalleled encouragement and now drive around d in a nice car that Mummy & Daddy paid for, then your guaranteed to go everywhere in life as employers will snap you up in seconds and why? Because they love you because you were loved and spoiled, had your ass wiped and everything else done for you.

So what about people like me? People like me whom have had to work at it that little bit harder, had a shed load less and had to find a way, people like me who had to labour for hours of a day to make ends meet and to prove we are worth it, yet even now are seen as less despite conquering brick wall challenges in life. 

For example, recently I had a job which was good money in my books, but I got over-enthusiastic, admitted I had Aspergers, told of some of the difficulties I've faced in life and tried install some wisdom I'd learnt over the years; just ten weeks in and two days later after that fateful admittance, I was fired. When I got my reference they had lied saying it was a short term contract and in this "glowing reference" that they promised there was no mention of all the hard work, all the ideas I had, the 12-13 hour days, giving up my weekends at no extra pay to try and make a difference, nothing!

Over the years I’ve noticed a steady trend in the mindset of human kind, that if you had it all at the start you’ll have a much greater guarantee to have it all throughout your life despite being so ignorant of the way of that life and more than likely, a darn site lazier. 

Go here to back up what I am saying...

Generations ago, age and years of hard laboured work was seen as a congressional medal of honour, nowadays, it seems you do less and get more, assuming your below the age of 25 and have had a third party to wipe your ass for you.  

I feel that in the interview, on the CV, in the face of opportunity, I am seen as a second rate citizen because I got off on a bad start which wasn’t my fault but I fought through it, which seemingly in the eyes of most I am the unorthodox human being that no one has time for in terms of employment and advancement. It is wrong, it is prejudice and people like us to have to again try harder and harder to be recognised.

Go here and you’ll see what I mean...

I must say I feel bloody sorry for the elder generation and the people whom can identify with what I am saying; Maybe we should all standout on the street’s and wave our placards and body boards with the statement of our lives printed on it for all to see; is this really the world we live in that the “have alls” are seen and treated like royalty yet the “Have Less Work Harder’s” are seen as second rate and never given the chance? The gap widens ever further. 

This isn’t about the gap between rich and poor, this is the gap between fortune and misfortune, love and the loveless, laboured hard-working vs the already fortunate lazy, those who go with the herd vs those who face mental health conditions, those that have it so easy vs those who have to try that bit harder and so it goes on...

We all know there is no such thing as an “equal opportunities employer” but when we are faced with the idea that hard work and survival takes second place to spoiled brats and the beautiful rich, then, we all can conclude we have a serious social and economic problem that’s getting worse, every single day!

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