Saturday, 16 November 2013

A Loose Theory about Alien Abduction


If there is one thing I certainly do believe in, is that life most certainly with all probability does exist in worlds other than our own; many a persons’ eyes will glaze over or roll to the heavens, denial and laughter ensues but I believe this to be the truth.
Now, before I even get started bear in mind the side of the brain I think from; the right side, the creative side so thus, I can draw up a convincing concept but unable to exact the math to back it up in any real time logic; however, sometimes we don’t always solve enquiries with numbers.

Firstly it is wise to anoint exactly what we assume an Alien Abduction is; simply put it is the unwilling taking of a human being or animal by entities not terrestrial to Earth either to be taken aboard a craft or to another place; typically in these circumstances persons or animals are returned to the exact location or nearby from where they were originally taken, with often nothing much more than confusion for a memory of the past events.  Often persons who recover more vivid memories of the event describe a triangular craft, very little if no sound at all then being brought aboard said craft and being experimented on, sometimes leaving bizarre scarring which cannot be explained.

Last night I watched a documentary on this subject and my mind was aghast with theories after it was announced that for a craft, even with our own technology would take millions of years to cross the galaxy to get to Earth; now yes we can assume that we only base this hypothesis on that fact we simply don’t know what technology extra terrestrial aliens use, however, here’s my theory of how it’s done. 


What if there is in fact very little “travel” involved at all?  I am not assuming that ET-As (Extra Terrestrial Aliens) are here already, I think they very much live in their own world for the best part of the time; however, assuming we’re right and they cannot travel the billions of light years from one world to our own it is however, theorised that ET-As can originate from an ulterior-dimension; possibly closer to our own then we may be aware of.

It is my theory that this “craft” people claim to have seen by those who have experienced an abduction are in fact not spacecrafts at all, but essentially a window, a moving breach between one dimension and the other; allowing ET-As to simply infiltrate our own world without even having left their own or at least not from any substantial distance. 

And here’s how:

Essentially I think the “craft” is, if you may lend your mind to this, an inter-dimensional zipper. We all know that the connective tissue of atoms is the Higgs Boson particle; or the God Particle as they say, the one particle that links all other atoms together to enact mass; my theory is that the “craft” simply unties the bond between mass of our world and that of their own creating a gap in space and time; similar to that of a window, allowing penetrative infiltration from one world to the next.  

So how does that work:

As I described, the “craft” is simply a zipper, pulling apart the Higgs Boson particles from all adjoining atoms untying mass to open up the gap of what would be then, not nothingness but a stabilised scattering of mass particles opening up the barrier for the “craft” to fit within. The shape of the “craft” or UFO gives me some thought that if you unzip something from the front, then you are left with sides at the back, hence you unzip a jacket, there are now two sides, so thus, the triangular shape commonly seen would indicate to me that the zip is reformed at the back of the UFO automatically as it “travels”. 

So why can’t we see the re-zip:

Here’s something that did leave me stumped for a moment until I started thinking about “lost time” and how the surgical scars abductees witnessed always seem old or in an advanced stage of healing, having only lost typically 45-60 minutes of their own time. It is my thinking that then in the ET-As dimensional time is considerably more accelerated then our own; so thus, when the window is opened we are peering into a point of time that is their own at the front of the “craft”. Then at the rear the two points are re-zipped but back into our time frame and thus, is in the past and we can’t see it as cannot see into the past rendering the re-zip invisible.

Why the lost time:

Simply enough as I mentioned before, my thinking is that time is accelerated in their dimension and slower in our own; come on, think about it, how else could you perform a complex abduction, surgical procedures and then returning of the abductees in less than an hour or so with surgical scars seemingly already in an advanced stage of healing; within their time zone we cannot fathom motion and memory quick enough to place within our minds a conceivable memory rendering any real witness statement inconclusive because of the fragmented nature of the recalling of the moment. This may in itself lend as to why these procedures could be done so quickly and how we cannot move to get away; because we’re then too slow; abductees stay within our own time zone while the ET-As remain in theirs. It would be only way such a feat could be achieved in such a short space of our time.  It would also being me to something else I observed with the “craft” that it seldom stops moving.  


Simply because, if time between one dimension and the other is imbalanced then one mass would be stretched to the relativity of the other, hence the window must keep moving to essentially abridge one time frame to the other; now yes, on occasion it has been witnessed that the “craft” stays still, this is true, but what then happens, the “craft” literally zips off in any one direction so fast that it can’t be tracked by the human eye and I would theorise that the two shifts in time are to some extent elasticised, so thus, when the “craft” stays still in one dimension it is being stretched by the other until it cannot hold out and is violently hurtled back into the present and accompanying time frame of its own home dimension restoring the balance of the two points. 

So thus I conclude that if it were possible for ET-As to visit Earth it would have to be inter-dimensional and with the utilisation of the re-organisation of mass by repealing particles unzipping space and time relative to their dimension and our own. It would take I imagine a huge amount of power to do that; as to where this power is derived is almost impossible to articulate; however, possibly harvested neutrino energy? Something we’re been trying to do for years now!

Thank you for reading.


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