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Trigger Warning…
“The following blog is inclusive of details that some may find disturbing or accentuating to a potential trigger, please be aware I mean no offense toward any persons living or dead. The blog post below contains graphic details of a hypothetic account of rape. Should the subject matter have affected you personally in some way, my heart goes out to you.”

Rape, yes that word, that awful, nightmare of a word, maybe we should say it together, “Rape” did you? Let’s try again after me… 1, 2, 3, “Rape” Good. How did that feel?
It was sometime last year I think it was when the Republicans in the USA made it quite clear their idiotic and disgusting stance on rape, if I may quote…

1. Todd Akin: “If it’s a legitimate rape, the female body has ways of shutting that whole thing down” - mid 2012 Senate Campaign

2. Clayton Williams: “If it’s inevitable, just relax and enjoy it” - mid 1990 Gubernatorial race in Texas

3.  Chuck Winder: “I would hope that when a woman goes in to a physician with a rape issue, that physician will indeed ask her about perhaps her marriage, was this pregnancy caused by normal relations in a marriage or was it truly caused by a rape. I assume that’s part of the counselling that goes on.” - March 2012

4.  Ken Buck: “A jury could very well conclude that this is a case of buyer’s remorse … It appears to me … you invited him over… the appearance is of consent.” - October 2010

5. Rick Santorum: “I think the right approach is to accept this horribly created — in the sense of rape — but nevertheless a gift in a very broken way, the gift of human life, and accept what God has given to you… rape victims should make the best of a bad situation.” - January, 2012

As well as this, there is this frequent situation of person(s) whom seem to think it is acceptable to utilise the subject of rape as though it were a point of comedy, as well as laws and politicians whom seem to dance around the subject without getting to the core of the matter. The core of the matter simply is this; no one seems to understand, apart from the unfortunate victims, of what exactly rape is, so that being said, I will describe in great detail, exactly what rape is…

Wikipedia states…
Rape is a type of sexual assault usually involving sexual intercourse, which is initiated by one or more persons against another person without that person's consent. The act may be carried out by physical force, coercion, abuse of authority or with a person who is incapable of valid consent, such as one who is unconscious, incapacitated, or below the legal age of consent. The term is most often defined in criminal law.

Here’s what it really is…

The scenario is this, you’re a young woman, size 8-10 approximately, 5 foot 5 inches tall, you weigh approximately 9 – 10 stone, you know of no martial arts or any form of self-defence and you’ve been out with friends at a party, a tad intoxicated you’re walking home late at night and you’re alone.  As you walk down the street you come past a park with hedge rows and ears still ringing from the music in your party dress you feel like you’ve had a good time. In your hand you’re in the middle of texting a friend when, wham, a hand clasps over your mouth and you’re being dragged backwards into the park, you try to scream, arms and legs flaying, can’t see who has got hold of you, mobile phone goes flying. You try to resist but this attackers grip is like a vice around your much smaller frame, in this unlit park at this ungodly hour in the pitch black you find yourself thrown to the floor knocking the wind out of you.

You try to scream but the attacker punches you so hard in the face you feel a tooth crack and the taste of blood well’s up inside your mouth. The attacker slaps you in the face with a commanding,
“Shut up you fucking bitch!” In a frightening male voice, your confused, scared to death, everything is spinning, can’t focus when you feel your underwear being violently torn off, now your exposed, you go to scream again but the attacker muffles your voice with his hand, this attacker is then unzipping his fly as you try to struggle to get away until another heavy blow lands in your abdominal region completely knocking the air of you again as your heart continues to pound so hard and fast your feeling dizzy, can’t get away.

You start to cry but this monster in the dark seems to be without heart or soul, as he forces his waist up between your thighs and you feel the agonising burn of unsolicited penetration as his erect penis rips into you, probably tearing your labia in the same instance, you feel the warmth of his panting breath on your face as he proceeds to thrust and pound into your body, each thrust escalating in the agony of the moment and the agony of your body, his hand grips your throat to the point of choking as he quickens up deepening his penetration while your struggle and writhe beneath what feels like a gorilla who has utterly no thought to your suffering, completely impervious to right and wrong, but that is neither here nor there as you cry and try to scream for help but nothing comes out in the confusion.

Then he stops, then he withdraws, you’re shaking, quivering, what’s going on? Then you feel your body being flipped over, in almost an instant epiphany you surmise  what’s going to happen and your worst nightmare is confirmed and he pushes mercilessly into your anus, the screaming heat, burning and the excruciating agony, as he stuffs your underwear into your mouth to gag you, it won’t stop, it won’t stop, it won’t stop, your being raped, defiled, attacked, brutalised and it won’t stop. The attacker thrusts harder, practically splitting you in half, tears rolling down your face, no one to help you, no one anyway, please make it stop, someone please make it stop, this just goes on and on, thrusts, heaving, pain, agony, it just goes on and then, then he climaxes, the explosion inside your limp and beaten frame, he lies atop of you and his breath panting past your ear, you’re in a quivering agonising state of total forced submission, terrified, confused and your entire body throbs.

Withdrawing you cry out in pain as he stands over you, “Fucking bitch” you hear that ugly voice, landing a sharp kick in the abs again, again, tearing at the air in the lungs. Disappearing into the night he is gone, but you’re not, you’re there, still there. Lying in the dirt, shaking, sobbing, cold, bleeding; it’s dark, it’s as if time has stood still, you’re still there, sobbing, crying, alone, cold. You cautiously raise your head and scan around, making sure he’s gone; a slow, shaking bruised arm extends to barely attempt to pick yourself up, as you slowly rise you wince with the pain, every inch hurts, the taste of blood in your mouth as you try to spit it out, but feel sick and nearly throw up.  You manage to stand but your bruised, in so much pain, you seem to be bleeding from everywhere; you stagger from behind the hedge row and into the street; lost, traumatised, no one around while you limp in some direction in your torn and muddy, blood stained dress, memories of the earlier part of the night utterly dissipated with the fury of what took place.  The whole world is alien now, you barely know where you are or what direction you were going in, can’t make sense of anything.

A group of girls come down the street; they take one look at you and the expression of horror is absolute, you barely manage a whisper “I’ve been raped, please help me!” And you fall to the ground in uncontrollable sobs, one of the girl’s calls on her mobile to summon an ambulance.

Yes indeed, you have just been raped.

But guess what? It doesn’t end there either, now comes the endless questions, the indignity of being examined, poking and prodding, police interviews; as if that wasn’t worse, did the attacker use protection? Do you now have an STI? Are you HIV positive?
Then the nightmares, then the feelings of how he came inside you, the worms, that stuff he put inside you and the scars you will bear for life. Forever.
Facing your family again, the sorrowful faces that greet you, the endless sleepless nights and should they catch the bastard; you’ll face him again in the cold lights of a court room as graphic details of what happened to you are shouted out to a jury. And don’t even go there when you discover you’re pregnant with the rapist’s child.

So, Todd Akin, Clayton Williams, Chuck Winder, Ken Buck and Rick Santorum, plus all the A-Holes that think this whole enigma is a laughing matter or a question of a gift from god, are you laughing now? Is it funny now?

Let’s go one step further, the abhorrent description above, guess what? It’s merely a template, imagine if you’re a child and your father does that to you, or a defenceless young boy and your parish priest does that to you? You’re another woman and there’s gang of rapists who take turns on you, over and over and over again. Just take that in for a second, in your minds, just let that drop feed into your conscience for a moment.

Rape, is never ever funny, Rape, is never ever a gift from god, Rape, is never ever excusable, Rape is never due to what a woman’s wearing, Rape, is never ever a laughing matter.

Rape is a horrific sexual assault; the worst of its kind, Rape is never ever just about the moment, it stays with its victims for the rest of their lives, constantly walking down the street in fear and paranoia forever, even after their attacker has been caught, tried and convicted, assuming they ever catch that scum at all.

How on earth is that a gift, how on earth is that funny? I think it is high time some people need to get real about what rape really is.

Thank you for reading.

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  1. It's unfortunate really. These days we live in a "Boy/Girl Who Cried Wolf" society where people are even trying to take the deceased to court(Micheal Jackson). So people are quite skeptical on what "really happened" even with evidence of abuse. I am pro-choice and believe that a woman has the right to have control over matters concerning her body. There are some who believe women use abortions as "luxuries" as if they just want to throw kids away like it's another disposable item.
    "Oh it's okay if they died during childbirth, at least they went through with "God's Plan!" Another question to ask, is this belief universal in all religions? No? Then I don't necessarily think it's "God's Plan." If we treat these issues as if they are absolute and without exception we mine as well give no allowance or exception to other laws. I know that sounds a bit dramatic but it's true.

    We shouldn't be able to allow criminals especially rapists to get out via loophole yet tell the victim she has to go through with the trauma again only this time disguised as childbirth..

    Does that seem "just?" Do our laws even stand for justice anymore?

    Just something to consider.

  2. I completely agree with you Aaron, when there is no third party witnessing of such an event of rape & thus it is very problematic to actuate a conviction or decipher the reality of the situation. One has to tread so carefully in such matters concerning rape/abuse/sexual assault etc.

    Yes I do believe a woman should have equal status of being liberal to wearing clothing of her choice without the risk of unwanted attention as men really ought to know better in this modern century but unfortunately that just isn't the case and yes, it is very sad that women can't feel confident without someone or something bringing it all back down. If a woman is dressed in what can be perceived as glamorous that doesn't make her a "sex object" the term itself is quite offensive.

    As for the God's plan thing, well, that's a whole other blog post altogether, being an Atheist I take the view that religion steals the independence of the mind or else is the moral shield for the mind to commit evil, cue Prof. Richard Dawkins :)

    I'm not necessarily pro-life but more "pro none of anyone's business" to be honest. I will touch on this subject in the future at some point and I'll you know when it's up. In the meantime thank you for your comment; much appreciated!