Wednesday, 19 February 2014

What is Demonic Possession?

Ever had a theory or an organised resolutive pathway proposed in the mind but seldom ever managed to find the ability to place it into a simple equation or a sentence that would be passable in society or translatable to the crowds en-mass, thus have it tangled up inside your head for days, weeks, months if not years? Well, welcome to my world. 

However, having been now officially diagnosed with Aspergers + ADHD Adult Type ICD10 (thank you Professor Michael Fitzgerald); and removed myself from certain stresses in my life I have a found a way; I don’t necessarily think in pictures at all times but I think in constant concepts and thus I have mastered a way to theorise while my head speaks a conceptual language seldom able to be fathomed by the common normality of NT human beings.

I call it “Mind-Mapping” the slow and sometimes tenuous process of theorising conceptuality then translating it to the actuality of words and pictures; this new blog post is going to be one of the first times I have openly attempted to do this. 

For many, many years I was fascinated by the paranormal, at first I was a big believer in ghosts, demons and the such like; until one day I deemed myself a sceptic, why? Science and I think a dash of common sense.  One thing that has been repeated time and time again in the imagination of human kind is the fascination of, Demonic Possession.

I remember watching The Exorcist, that reverse crab walk that almost made me drop my pint because, and speaking in non-literal terms, I shit myself; then onto The Exorcism of Emily Rose, plus plenty of others I could name, however, it was that last one I saw, the Emily Rose story, the re-hash of the true Anneliese Michel story, a German student who in the 1970s was proposed to have been possessed by demons, poor girl rest her soul, thanks to the homicidal negligence of the “treatment” she was delivered. 

However, it was that story in the court room scenes of “...Emily Rose” that really brought about the argument of Demonic Possession vs Mental Health.  We heard conditions such as, Schizophrenia, Epilepsy, MPD, DID, etc, etc, which I think are actually symptoms of a much larger cause.  But it got me thinking, now trust me, when an Aspie thinks, the world should hold its breath.

Now first off, consider the pictorial graph I drew that is below ; this is a working model of how I see a condition called, MPD (Multiple Personality Disorder) or the modern equivalent DID (Dissociative Identity Disorder).  Study it for a few moments before carrying on. 

So the model demonstrates the mechanics of typical MPD utilising the perspective of how transitioning from one personality to another possibly through stress or when the subject is faced with emotional dilemmas.  It is this condition which I was mostly wanting to concentrate on to bring about what I truly theorise Demonic Possession to actually be.

From research I have done, there does occur a more dominant alternative personality that emerges, one that seems to come about more often than the others; so here I hypothesise that, as opposed to Multiple it is in fact, a singular personality disorder, or as I would like to call it...

Personality Duality Conflict Disorder

Let me explain, as opposed to a patient who exhibits several personalities, in this instance there is in fact only two, the original personality and a whole new one; but like a freak wave swallowing up the kinetic energy of the smaller waves around it, this one rears up as a dominant force; see the new model below...
Think of it like this; on your computer you have a desktop, operated by a hard drive, imagine the desktop is the mind and the hard drive is the brain, the computer is the person.  When you save folders onto the desktop, think of those as personalities; the key thing is, they all have somewhere to go and the hard drive processes them. 

However, in the event of Personality Duality Conflict Disorder, I believe a whole new desktop tries to enforce itself anew of the hard drive, completely replacing the original one.  So thus the person is ultimately at war with themselves; the brain is utterly overloaded and the host body goes into hay wire or a more chronologically expanded meltdown.

Many a demonic possession also has been documented as initially hearing voices, seeing things, sound familiar? Schizophrenia, I believe is an initial symptom while the new personality attempts to take hold. Now, at this stage it is important to stress that there is a condition called “Demonopathy” a form of Monomania where the subject is in the belief they are being taken over by a demonic spirit; I believe Monomania is possibly the case in some circumstances; however, how could a new personality share the suspicions of the former host unto itself? If they did, that would mean personalities working collaboratively which doesn’t happen, when one emerges it is a takeover often leaving the original host in a state of complete irreversible amnesia of the previous personality’s actions when retuning. That’s why for me it doesn’t go far enough.  

As well as voices, illusions, there is also documented accounts of fitting, convulsions, etc, sounds like epilepsy, now, put these conditions together; it would be fair to say these are in fact symptoms, not overall diagnoses.

So, how could the brain propagate a whole new version of itself? Well, the brain as we know is more or less redundant at any one time apart from 10-20%, depending on task, that we use, like the desktop, there is a lot of available space, masses of unused neurons or pathways.  If, a new version of one’s self was to need a neurological pathway, it couldn’t use already occupied space so thus, utilises what is left and wars for supremacy.  Not in the sense of actual combatant warfare, but more so in the sense that the brain is now warring against itself in the belief of warring against an invader. 

As it has been long theorised, when these parts of the brain are now in use, telepathy, telekinesis, subconscious memories or information is increased in probable viability. All you need to do is deep regressive hypnosis to retrieve deep rooted or long forgotten information; so when you have accounts of the subject able to speak languages they previously didn’t know or have the ability to fathom intelligence when apparently reading someone’s mind, now it all makes sense.

The brain would be firing off in all sorts of directions; the human body when sprinting can produce 1630 watts of energy so it’s of little surprise that telekinesis via a form of electrical magnetic resonance, interfering with the field around the subject could cause objects to move.  Magnetic impulses and static electricity have many a time been blamed for people seeing ghosts so what’s to say that other’s around the “possessed” person isn’t also being interfered with by the sudden increased static charge created by a brain that is completely overwhelmed via pretty much all its neurons firing at once. 

Think what electricity is, think what it can do to muscles of the body, is it then little wonder that Holy Water then appears to burn and the subject is able to display frightening physical feats, high jumping, leaping, body contortions, etc.

The enormous list of symptoms that would encompass a brain working at such a pace and at such a high number of neurons firing at once, would be incredible, eye dilation (often mistaken for blackened demonic eyes, a sign of evil), deep rooted education now accessible (languages, knowledge), over stimulated auto immune defence (welts, sores, boils), epilepsy (convulsions fits, foaming at the mouth), schizophrenia (illusions, voices), the list goes on, all of which are present in accounts of “demonic possession”.

All of this, as I said, I believe is a collective list of symptoms, not caused by demons or dark spirits, but by a brain being wholly taken over by a brand new version of itself, causing the brain and the body to repel the “invader” causing all forms of complications, boiling it down to...

Personality Duality Conflict Disorder

Think about it, if the body can grow bone atop an existing skeleton (Fibrodysplasia Ossificans Progressiva (FOP)), what’s not to suggest the brain cannot create a whole new personality in place of its existing self?

So to end, I will quote a part of the script from the movie, The Exorcist...

Father Damien Karras: I think it might be helpful if I gave you some background on the different personalities Regan has manifested. So far, I'd say there seem to be three. She's convinced...

(Father Merrin Interrupts)

Father Merrin: There is only one.

Thank you for reading.



  1. Very well researched and interesting article :] It's funny how we find the thought of demonic possesion terrifying, we like to be in control of ourselves and I think losing that control to either demons or a mental illness is just as horrifying. Great read! Have you also heard about high frequency waves that cause hallucinations and the feeling of being watched by something? I've always found that interesting in how it would relate to someone who is already very fragile.

    1. I have; I believe many high frequencies can interfere with how the brain translates the world around us, electricity and magnetics I think are key to evaluating brain function accurately as opposed to superstition. It's even been theorised by scientists that the frequency band used by the Royal Naval Force for radio communication can aggravate symptoms of those who suffer from tinnitus.

  2. Very interesting article, especially the concept that each of the symptoms manifested are often treated as separate diagnoses.